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Vallecito News
Posted 5/15/20

May 15, 2020


Supporting Yourself and Your Students

During These Last Weeks of Remote Learning


Home-schooling elementary students is not for the faint of heart.  Whether you feel like you are at the end of your rope or that you are finally getting the hang of this "remote learning thing,"  acknowledge what you have accomplished under these strange and stressful times. This is challenging work! Offer yourself the same grace and compassion that you would give to a friend.  Here are a few helpful hints as we enter the final weeks of the school year...


  • Children respond to novelty. Provide the necessary structure and routine so your child knows when it is "school time," but seek out opportunities to inject joy and novelty into the days.  Set up under a tree, create a closet or outside fort "learning station", or use stuffed animals as reading buddies.  Find ways to mix things up and keep your child engaged. 


  • Know that home learning cannot perfectly mimic school learning. And that can be an asset! Provide open or unstructured playtime and encourage your child to dive deeper into topics of interest. Curious about outer space? Then this is a wonderful time to read books on the topic, draw spacecraft designs, paint constellations, or build models.  Check-in with your classroom teacher and identify ways to modify class assignments so you can provide time for your child to work on projects of their choosing. 


  • Take regular breaks. If something is not working, walk away for a moment. Trying to push through a spike of frustration (for parents or children) around an assignment or activity rarely proves worthwhile in terms of skill-building. If you feel stress bubbling up, initiate a few minutes of independent playtime, host a kitchen dance party, or set the pencils aside and walk the dog. When you return to the task, name the frustration for your child, break the assignment into manageable chunks, and provide reassurance that you will figure it out together. 


  • Many adults are experiencing feelings of powerlessness and anxiety at this time.  Children are no different.  Invite your children to ask questions about what is happening and ask them questions, too.  Offer reassurance that any range of emotions is okay.  Some helpful conversation starters are:
    • How do you feel about staying at home?
    • Do you have any worries about the coronavirus?
    • What makes you feel calm?
    • What are you missing most about school?
    • What could help you to complete your schoolwork at home?
    • How can we keep in touch with friends and family now?
    • How could we help other people right now?


When kids talk and work through the problem-solving process, they develop their abilities to think critically and can respond in an action-oriented way.  These are unprecedented times we are navigating and know that we are right here alongside you. 


Music During Quarantine

Check out this wonderful video of our band teachers Steve and Tyler leading a remote performance.  So cool!

Rio Bravo 5th Grade Band Performance on Zoom

Last Call For Yearbook Orders!

It's not too late to order your Vallecito Yearbook.

Visit and search for Vallecito.


Virtual Walker Creek Week

This was the week our fifth graders were supposed to be enjoying a week at the Walker Creek Outdoor Education program.  In lieu of the real thing, our 5th-grade team collaborated with Terra Linda High School's Marin School of Environmental Leadership students to provide a "Vallecito Walker Creek Quarantine" Week.  It in no way replaces the original experience, but the teachers and students had a lot of fun recreating the polar bear challenge, Camp Chef, fort building, and nature activities while sheltering in place.

Second Grade Trash to Treasures Project

Our second graders engaged in the Zero Waste Marin "Trash to Treasures" project this week.  Here are some highlights...




Creating Curiosity

Episodes are streamed on 30/AT&T 99 in both English and Spanish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for PreK-2nd grade students and 3rd-5th grade students. Episodes can also be found on the Marin County Office of Education YouTube Channel; playlists are linked below. Currently, we have five episodes posted. The attached flyer provides more detail about the series and weekly schedule.


YouTube Playlist of Episodes in Spanish

YouTube Playlist of Episodes in English



In lieu of the art show this year, we are doing a Heartwalk! A celebration of your artistic talent to close out the year. Hearts are a true symbol of love and kindness. Let’s make our love visible.

We invite you to express your artistic imagination through your “Heart Work.”  Our district art team has collaborated to create these fun and engaging lesson plans with you. Choose one of these ideas from any of the district art teachers to inspire you or create your own. 


Lesson plans


Lucas Valley Elementary - Ms. Linsey

Ms. Linsey's Art Heart Ideas!


Vallecito - Mr. Newman



Mary E Silveira - Ms Winter

Chihuly Inspired Heart


Pointillism Heart


  • Create your Heart - make it BIG and BOLD! 

Because of social distancing, you want your neighbors to enjoy your art from far away.

  • Place the heart on the front door or somewhere visible from the street on May 22nd. 

  • Keep the artwork up until May 31st to allow friends and neighbors to enjoy it.

  • Take a photo and drop it in the CanDO dropbox folders so that your art can be a part of our online gallery!

Mary Silveira Dropbox

Lucas Valley Dropbox

Vallecito Dropbox


HeARTwalk is a free, outdoor, heart-themed Art Exhibition created by our Miller Creek District Elementary students.

Designed to give us a safe, family fun activity, the HeARTwalk allows us to connect with our school community 

(with social distance!) and enjoy our students' creative talents!

From May 22nd- 31st student art will be displayed throughout our local community as part of the annual elementary Art Shows.


HeARTwalk is sponsored by Can Do! Education Foundation which supports continued learning and vital programs for the Miller Creek School District. 

Support Can Do! and help sustain vital programming for our children.

Thank you for your generous support!

Jamie Newman

4 Attachments


Preview YouTube video Chihuly Inspired Heart


Chihuly Inspired Heart

Preview YouTube video Pointillism Heart


Pointillism Heart


Online Registration for the

2020-2021 School Year is Open!

Online registration is now available on the Miller Creek School District website.  If you have an incoming student and need to complete registration, please visit the MCSD Registration page TODAY to download your forms. We are making important student enrollment decisions at this time and would appreciate your help in determining an accurate student count.  Please help spread the word to families with incoming Kindergarteners or people who are new to the neighborhood.

You do not need to complete this registration process if your child is already currently attending Vallecito.


Class Placement Information for the

2020-2021 School Year

The staff and I are beginning the process of planning for next year and designing classes based on enrollment projections.  We appreciate your trust and partnership in this. Parent input will be considered if the input is based upon clear-cut educational or developmental needs (as per board policy).  All input must be received no later than May 22nd.

Please read the letter below for details on how to submit class placement information for your child.  

Class Placement Letter


Recent weeks have brought disruption to our community, but our Can Do! Education Foundation's mission remains strong: to support and enhance the education of our students. 

Our board, staff, and team of Instructional Specialists are forging ahead to make the most of every donation and continue to strive to make every dollar count even during these uncertain times. Daily operations continue and all Can Do! funded Instructional Specialists are working hard to create digital content to support our parents, students and district staff. Our thoughts are with all families, donors, district staff and our district-wide community.


Our community partner, Marinwood Market, is offering email ordering and drive-by pick up during this challenging time. Excellent customer service! Support our business community that supports our schools! Visit our business partner directory here.


While using your existing Amazon account to make purchases for your home, visit, and designate Can Do! Education Foundation as your charity of choice. This is an easy way to support our schools in this crazy time!


Follow Can Do! on Facebook and Instagram! Get social and share with your family, friends! Great place to share resources, connect with your community and see our impact!  

Mental Health Resources

School Campus and Playgrounds Closed

During Shelter in Place Order 

Vallecito is hosting child care for Kaiser essential employees and the front parking lot is being used to disinfect emergency vehicles between shifts.  Please remember that our campus and playgrounds are closed during the shelter in place order. Thank you for your help in keeping families safe.


San Rafael
Safe Routes to Schools

Task Force 

Here are the notes from the San Rafael Safe Routes to Schools spring task force meeting as well as the attachments.
Click here to view  go to the meeting notes tab.

The next San Rafael task force meeting will be Tuesday September 15 at 5 pm. via Zoom.   An invite will be sent out one week prior to the meeting.  Please mark your calendars

Miller Creek School District Remote Learning Site

Please click here to access this page on our district website.



Where to get the latest information on COVID 19:

Visit the official Marin County Coronavirus webpage ( to review answers to frequently asked questions, access guidance for special groups and subscribe for email updates. To view past status updates concerning COVID-19 activity in Marin County, click on the resources tab on the Coronavirus webpage.

Have questions?  Individuals can contact Marin Health and Human Services with non-medical questions about the coronavirus by calling (415) 473-7191

(Monday – Friday, 9:30am to 12-noon and 1pm to 5pm).



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