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Vallecito News
Posted 3/20/20

Congratulations on Completing

Week 1 of Remote Learning, Vallecito! 

This is a significant adjustment for our entire school community and I am amazed by the creativity, flexibility, work ethic, and patience of our teachers and school families.  This is new territory for all of us. Please send me pictures of the learning going on in your homes to highlight in the next Vallecito News.  We really miss your kids!  



How Long Will We Be Doing this Remote Learning Thing?

As you all know, there is a Shelter in Place order through April 7th.  As additional information becomes available, I will update you accordingly.  The more I hear from the county and the public health infrastructure, the more I think we should all take this shelter order seriously.  Take care of yourselves, take care of your kids, and do everything you can to minimize exposure.



Fine Tuning Remote Learning

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on our Remote Learning Plan using the survey link that was sent to you Friday morning.  We will use this data to improve.


Can We Help?

  • Daily Lunch Service - Principals are serving lunch to our students receiving Free or Reduced Lunch Monday-Friday from 12-1:00 in front of Vallecito.
  • Parents at home. For parents, Common Sense Media has an excellent collection of resources, tools, and recommendations. Additionally, the National Association of School Psychologists has published a great Parent Resource to guide family discussion about the Coronavirus.
  • Resource Library. We have assembled these and many other resources you may find helpful in our new Resource Library addressing specific topics such as Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus, Wellness, Maps, and more.
  • Miller Creek Remote Learning Resources  FAQs for Parents - Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Most Common Remote Learning Tech Questions


A Message from our Rock-A-Thon Team


Dear Parents,

As you know, the Rock-A-Thon has been postponed and the future date is TBD.  Now that we've gotten some homeschooling under our belts, we are getting an appreciation of what teachers do for our kids on the daily!  But we're only doing the minimum, which doesn't include all of the amazing programs that the Rock-A-Thon funds.  Since we can't hold the event today, we would be so grateful for your continued fundraising.

Can we count on you to take a moment from homeschooling and send an email to all the aunties, uncles, grandparents, and friends to ask them to make a donation on behalf of your kiddo?  Make sure to send them your child's unique 99Pledges link.  If you can't find it go to and use the participant dropdown menu to scroll and select your teacher.  From there, you can go to your child's page and copy the link.


If we work together, we can fund all of the enrichment programs that our kids love and deserve.  Thank you in advance for your support!

If you have questions or need any help, feel free to contact Lisa Schwartz.


Yours in Rock, 

Lisa Schwartz



We Are Vallecito - Remote Learning Highlights


Check out the Lego Alphabet Challenge brought to you by the Gooch Family. We can't wait to check out your lego creations:)

If you'd like to join, go to the FB group - - and there is a request to join button. Hope to see you there!


Neighborhood Alphabet Hunt for Our Kindergarteners

Ms. Nadelberg's class is creating a neighborhood alphabet hunt!  All you do is cut out a big letter (of your choice), decorate it however you wish (or not at all!) and hang it on the outside of your house where it can be seen from the street. The kiddos can then take their daily walk and hunt for letters around the neighborhood.  





Be on the lookout for the first installment of our Vallecito Mystery Reader videos.  Coming to an inbox near you! 



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