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Vallecito News
Posted 1/31/20

January 31, 2020


New Website & Newsletter

Here is the second edition of the Vallecito News using our new website platform.  This format allows readers to select language preferences using the tab at the top:



Upcoming Events

  • Feb 5: Global School Play Day
  • Feb 5: Home and School Club Meeting (8:20)
  • Feb 6: Site Council Meeting (3:00)
  • Feb 12: Capoeira School Performance Assembly (12:45)
  • Feb 13: District Equity Working Group (4:30) at Lucas Valley Elementary
  • Feb 13: VAL Talent Show (6:00)
  • Feb 17-21: Mid Winter Break
  • Feb 27: District English Language Learner Committee (5:00)

Vallecito Parent Survey
The Vallecito Home and School Club want to hear from you!  Please take a moment to complete this short survey.



Vallecito Global School Play Day 

On February 5th, our school will participate in Global School Play Day (GSPD). GSPD is being celebrated at schools around the world as an opportunity to foster creativity and teamwork through unstructured play. You can learn more about the benefits of unstructured play by visiting the official GSPD website:

We are inviting students to bring in things to play with on this very special day. Your classroom teacher will communicate more details this week. Though our play day will be unstructured, it will still be supervised by teachers. It is our hope that this opportunity of play will inspire families to plan for more unstructured playtime during non-school hours. 



School Attendance- 10% Matters


10 Facts About School Attendance



1. Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school. Read more...


 2.     Over 8 million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year. Read more...


 3. Absenteeism and its ill effects start early. One in 10 kindergarten and first grade students are chronically absent. Read more...

 4. Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back. Read more...

 5. By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school. Read more...

6.  Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence. Read more...

7.  Students who live in communities with high levels of poverty are four times more likely to be chronically absent than others often for reasons beyond their control, such as unstable housing, unreliable transportation and a lack of access to health care. Read more...

8.  When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating. Read more...

9.  Attendance improves when schools engage students and parents in positive ways and when schools provide mentors for chronically absent students. Read more...

10.  Most school districts and states don’t look at all the right data to improve school attendance. They track how many students show up every day and how many are skipping school without an excuse, but not how many are missing so many days in. excused and unexcused absence that they are headed off track academically. Read more...


 Let us know how we can best support you and your children so that they can show up for school on time every day.   We want your child to be successful in school!  If you have any questions or need more information please contact your child’s school.

Community Flyers 
Parents can access all community flyers by visiting the Community Resources page on the Miller Creek School District Website. 


California Superintendent of Education Announcement


Please read the attached correspondence from State Superintendent, Tony Thurmond, regarding the safe storage of firearms.





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