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Can Do! Education Foundation

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Recent weeks have brought disruption to our community, but the Can Do! Education Foundation's mission remains strong: to support and enhance the education of our students.  Our board and staff are forging ahead to make the most of every donation.  Our Instructional Specialists are working hard to create digital content to support our parents, students and district staff.  Our thoughts are with all families, donors, district staff and the community.



Can Do! is the education foundation which raises funds for the Miller Creek School District that includes Lucas Valley Elementary, Mary E. Silveira Elementary, Vallecito Elementary and the Miller Creek Middle School.  Our mission is to bridge the financial gap between the funds the School District receives from the state and the cost to provide the well-rounded education our kids deserve. For the 2019-20 school year, through parent and community donations, Can Do! directly funded Art, PE, Music, Environmental Science, Counseling,Technology programs and much more. 

Can Do! raises money for the current school year, not the next school year, so that even families with 8th graders benefit.  Can Do! commits funds to the school district to spend in the current school year, based upon the district's needs.  We commit to raising a set amount of dollars and as donations are received, turn over those funds in multiple payments throughout the school year.



Each year Can Do! board members, volunteers and staff reach out to families and local businesses seeking financial contributions to help "bridge-the gap" cost, which is about $600 per student.  While donations are welcomed any time during the year, it really helps to meet our Annual Family Giving goal as early in the school year as possible.  It is critical to reach this goal: if we fall short, programs that rely on these funds may be at risk.

Please give as generously as you can.  Donations of any amount will help ensure that our children continue to receive an unparalleled education that keeps them inspired and healthy.